To-Dosday: Push Someone

I self-promote a lot. Over half of my tweets and Facebook posts involve things I am trying to sell to or share with people I know. As a matter of fact, the sole reason I got on Twitter and Facebook years ago was to use it as a marketing tool.

I am not alone in this. I have tons of friends who splay their wares upon my mind with great regularity. It can be annoying. I can be annoying. Selling stuff is annoying.

A big part of online networking is increasing your readership and, thereby, increasing your reach. If all you do is push your own work then your network size will not grow. It is more likely that your reach will shrink as people get annoyed with you and ignore/block/unfriend/unfollow you.

You can switch things up by being funny, posting random stuff, and genuinely engaging with folks. That may keep people around, but it is not a promise that your network will grow…

You’ve heard it said that the best recommendations are word of mouth, yes? We need to support one another. A tried and true way to increase your audience size is to get other people to network for you. If your work is mind-blowing or fortunate enough to go viral, this will come easily. More often than not, however, creators rely on the goodwill of others to share and RT offers, posts and work so that those outside the creator’s reach can be educated as to said creator’s work.

One way to get your peers to push your work is to push theirs. Take a break from your own marketing campaign and try putting your resources behind somebody else. Maybe, if your lucky and your friends are awesome, they’ll return the favor. Then everyone wins.

So here’s a list of a few things I’d like to promote that have nothing to do with me:

Where the Witches Lurk by Joe Pezzula

The Adventures of Aero-Girl by DeWayne Feenstra

Jason Coffee’s Warhawks

Adventures for a Lazy Afternoon by Travis Hanson

PAPA by Vera Greentea

Dracula: Son of the Dragon by Mark Sable

Everything and anything by Steve Niles

Try some Forbidden Panels wares

Learn something from [P5] Creative

Design perfection from Shannon Forrey

Try something on this list. You’ll be the better for it.