Wednesday Whatever: Four Recommendations


Every Wednesday we see a bajillion solicitations, promotions, and campaigns for new comics. Often, some of the less mainstream stuff can get drowned out in the noise.

This week I’ve decided to boost the signal on four books I’m particularly excited about. Some you may know about, some you may not. Take a gander. Buy an issue. Try something different.

I’ll be brief(ish).

1. The Bunker #1
Written by: Joshua Hale Fialkov
Art by: Joe Infurnari

This is the first issue of a new creator-owned series. Of all the books I’m going discuss, this may be the most popular. It follows a handful of friends as they find a bunker in the middle of the woods.

Saying much else will spoil this well-crafted gem. Suffice it to say, a The Bunker presents two parts of a mystery: the beginning and end. It’s that middle piece–that how the hell does this happen section–that will keep readers flipping from page to page.

There is a great article on the book from CBR that you can read if you need further convincing.

I was already a fan of Fialkov. I am now a fan of Infurnari.

Go get issue #1, digitally, here.

2. The SteamWorld Chronicles #1
Written by: Steve Hoveke and Mike Scigliano
Pencils by: Ben Risbeck
Inks by: Mark McKenna
Colors by: Kóte Carvajal
Letters by: John J. Hill

I Kickstarted this beautiful book a few months back. Unlike many of the projects I have backed, this one actually delivered the goods.

This Steampunk action story follows a Doctor sent after a mysterious box, stolen from a moving train in a beautiful opening sequence. Look, I’m not a steampunk aficionado–I’ve only ever dabbled in the genre. HOWEVER, if this comic represents a majority of the work in that realm, I may have to get into it.

This is a beautiful book, masterfully crafted by top-tier fellas.

Go grab the digital book, and pre-order the print version, here.

3. Where the Witches Lurk #3
Written by: Joe Pezzula
Pencils and Inks by: Donny Gandakusuma
Colors and Backgrounds by: Chris Man
Letters by: Ben Glibert

I’m a bit bias on this one… I’ll admit it. Joe, the writer, is a close friend of mine. He’s also a brilliant mind, with whom I collaborate often. THIS BOOK IS ONE OF THE REASONS WHY!

Where the Witches Lurk follows two sisters, Tina and Gina. They’re witch-hunters.

The book is full of twists and turns as elements of the story drop and change from panel to panel. Joe and Donny have had their feet on the gas pedal since the first issue, and they don’t seem to be stopping any time soon. This is a fast paced nod to classic horror.

Pick up the first three digital issues here.

Everything by: Beth Sotelo

Okay. So, technically, this book is not actually out yet. It’s in the process of being Kickstarted. I’m not soliciting you for money to back the book–I know this book will be funded. I’m providing an opportunity to you to get in on the ground floor of a beautiful piece of quirk from an incredibly talented artist. (And no, I am not involved in this project at all.)

GRUMP! follows the misadventures of a shut-in boy forced to go outside with his neighborhood peers. The art is exquisite. The narrative is sound. Most important of all: Beth Sotelo is an incredibly talented lady.

I have faith in Beth. I have faith in GRUMP!

I already gave my monetary support. Why don’t you do the same thing, right here.


Okay. That was it.

Go support something different.

Stretch yourself a bit.

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