Hail Mary for Huckleberry (UPDATED)

UPDATE: Huckleberry is Home!


This is probably the last thing I’ll be writing about my missing pal, Huckleberry.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, feel free to catch up by reading what I already wrote about losing my dog. Not a fan of words? The tl;dr version is: there was an incident with a lady on her cellphone driving a car, my daughter and I on our bikes, and our now-missing puppy, Huck.

My wife, a vet tech, and I have done everything we can think of. We’ve kept in touch with all the local animal shelters. Missing Dog flyers litter our neighborhood (as well as others). Vets, other animal care professionals, police, and the local homeless have all been spoken to. Services that get the word out through email blast, internet forums, social media, and mailers have been utilized.

We’ve done everything we can think to do, and yet: no Huckleberry.

Among the professionals we’ve spoken to, the consensus is this: Huckleberry is no longer lost. Somebody has him. Likely, according to those professionals, it is one of two groups: a family who believes they have found a new pet, or a member of the homeless population who believes they have found a new pet. Regardless of who has Huck, somebody thinks that they have a new pet.

They don’t. Huckleberry has a family. He has my wife, a mother who loves him, my daughters, his sisters who have raised him from eight weeks, my other dog, Lady, who has adopted him as her own son, and me. Huck is my pal. He and I have forged a bond unlike any I’ve had with a dog before. I love the punk. I miss him terribly.

How do we get him back? Awareness. Huckleberry is chipped, so if he shows up at a vet or shelter, and if they scan his chip, we will be notified. But if he does not find his way to one of those places, which is wholly plausible, we need someone to see him, call us, and get him back.

Awareness. We need people to know that our family member is missing ans we want him back. We need to get the word out.

My family needs your help.

I’ve asked for a lot from my friends over the past few weeks. I’ve been lying on back with three herniated discs since the woman-on-her-cellphone incident. My wife is very pregnant. Despite our efforts, we’ve relied heavily on our connections to do what’s been done thus far for Huck. I am going to ask for one more thing, and, I promise, I won’t ask for anything else.

This is a flyer I made:

Click image to download flyer

If you live in or around Orange County, I’m asking pleading with you to download it, print it out, and post it in your neighborhood. Post it in the next neighborhood over. Post it everywhere you can. This is how we get the word out, but it only works if we have your help.

Don’t live in Orange County? You can still help us out by sharing this blog. You may have a network that includes people from Orange County (hell, your network may include the person who has my Huckleberry). If they see this, download, print, and post, it may bring Huck home.

Where should you post it? Everywhere. Busy street corners. Coffee shops. Homeless shelters. Veterinarian offices. Anywhere and everywhere.

I’m eternally grateful to everyone who has supported us thus far. We have felt very loved during this rough patch. Our lives are blessed.

And to you, the person who took the time to read this: thanks. Whether or not Huckleberry is returned to us, we are so grateful for everyone’s assistance.

Chins up.