A Lot of Tomorrows Left

I posted this on Facebook last week and it struck a chord with a few folks. I’m re-posting it here for posterity.


This morning, when I returned from the gym, I found my oldest daughter with dried tears on her face. I asked both girls how they were doing and my youngest gave me a thumbs up while the oldest gave me a thumbs down. I knew what was bothering her – it’s bothering me (and many of you) too.

I told them to get ready for school early. We stopped at Denny’s, grabbed a booth, and ordered and Oreo milkshake. Then this:

“Hey, Dad.”
“Trump won?”
“So we lost?”
“Only today. There are a lot of tomorrows left.”
“Do people not like women for Presidents?”
“It’s more complicated than that, but maybe some.”

She took a few sips of her shake, and then, “What if I want to be President? Would you vote for me?”
“Well, that depends…”
“If you’re President, will we still have time to get milkshakes together?”
She smiled. “Yes, Daddy.”
“Then yeah. You’ve got my vote.”

I am anxious to see what’s next… I’m scared for so many friends who have a lot to lose.

I am also hopeful. It’s impossible not to be hopeful with my kids around.

Chins up, folks. There are a lot of tomorrows left.


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