Extending Our REACH

On Monday, June 1, Joe Pezzula, Michael Drace Fountain, Ben Glibert, and I (The Quad Shot) will be launching a Kickstarter for our new book, REACH.


Don’t worry, I’m not asking you for money — yet.

I am, however, going to ask you to help me spread the word. You can do that, right? You have a Twitter account? On Facebook? Tumblr? Also, it’s free.

We’ve launched a campaign on Thunderclap. Here’s how it works:

  1. You go our Thunderclap campaign page.
  2. Connect your various social media accounts to our campaign.
  3. On June 15 Thunderclap will automatically post to the accounts you’ve hooked up to spread the good word on our Kickstarter campaign.

That’s it!

This is important for a few reasons. The first is awareness. Joe, Mike, Ben, and I need to get the word out on this campaign. Kickstarters are made and broken through awareness, or the lack thereof. Our network is alright, but with your help, our network is much, much biggger. In this case, size matters.

The next piece is the time at which our Thunderclap campaign will push: June 15. Our Kickstarter campaign is from June 1 to June 30. Typically Kickstarter campaigns hit a lull in the middle, with the bulk of support coming at the beginning and end. Utilizing a bump square in the center of what would typically be a down time allows us to keep momentum going and, hopefully, will help us to meet our goal earlier rather than later*.

Finally, and perhaps most important, the Thunderclap campaign doesn’t launch unless we get 100 or more people to connect their account to our efforts. So, when I say we need you — yes, YOU — to give us a hand, I mean it.

If you have a moment, and wouldn’t mind helping us to spread the good word, click over to the Thunderclap campaign and connect your account to our push. We can do this, but not without your help.


PS: You look great today.

*Many people don’t realize that Kickstarter doesn’t charge their card until the campaign is successfully funded and, therefor, wait until the end of the campaign to the support.