Wednesday Whatever: in Sanity, AZ #2

Today is shameless plug day.

I have been a busy boy. I have two comic books currently being drawn and am writing two more. I hope to have those books announced soon. Why has it taken me so long to put out some new material that I (and only I) have written? Well, I’ve been blessed to work with some of my best friends on an anthology comics called: in Sanity, AZ.

Surely you’ve heard me talk/write about this by now, yes? This is the horror anthology that four writers created at a cabin in the middle of the woods over a single weekend, then kickstarted–raising over 10k, then hired over twenty of the most talented artists we know, then started making. I know you know–right?

Well, we put the first issue out in the beginning of July, which was a terrible decision. We ended up competing with early comic con press releases, which really was not a competition at all (we lost). Despite that, sales have been strong and the reviews, sparse as they were, have been generous. Overall, the entire team is proud of the success we met with issues one.

Enter issue number two.

in Sanity, AZ #2 features the stories: “Ham Tickle”, “Broken Water II”, “The Motel in Sanity”, “Cuckoo Clocks”, “Lord’s Name”, “Covet”, “Pointer”, “Lollipops”, “Raw”, and “Sabbath”. The series is created and written by Michael Drace Fountain, Marcel Losada, Joe Pezzula, and myself. Pencils/Inks in this issue are by Donald Poquiz, Rich Kuhaupt, Brian Soriano, Kevin Gemser, Lance Sawyer, Collin Fogel, Courtney Camacho, and Chris Burkheart. Colors and letters by Ben Glibert. Designs by Shannon Forrey. Cover by Joel Gomez.

The book is not out yet. It’ll be out in six days, on Tuesday, August 20. It’ll be $1.99 for 67 pages. You’ll be able to grab it on Amazon as a MOBI file, and on as a DRM-free PDF.

There are some preview pages below. Enjoy them.

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